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Coming Live from the Pantheon

The tomb of Raphael – Great painter commissioned by the Italian aristocracy , as his work captured human grandeur and Neoplatonism– Raphael led a nomadic life & kept a large lot of projects in various stages. His life ended at the age of 37IMG_3786




“Creepy American taking photos of the mens shop at 2 o’clock… proceed with caution, he looks black”

Change is Apparently difficult to Implement

Random – Testing this functionality out

Third blog post to test this out

The First Email – Helping, Not Selling

Your first email should be anything but pushy. By sending an email right away, you’ve already risked irritating your potential customer, and creating negative associations with your brand – the opposite of your intention.

Because of this, your first email should aim to help the customer, not sell to them. Perhaps they had technical difficulties? Was the process taking too long, or was their payment declined? Present alternatives and solutions, and ask for feedback.

Thought leaders…

Thought leadership

Send Your First Email Right Away

Regardless of the reason your shopper left the cart, you probably only have few hours to win them back. Your first email should be sent within an hour of the cart abandonment. Ideally, it should be sent before the shopper walks away from their computer.

Lets figure out what the buyin is

Are people unhappy with their jobs… lets find out, shall we??